Hundreds of participants recently gathered at the MediCard Lifestyle Center for the month-long MediCard Metafit Fitness Boot Camp. This program, spearheaded by a leading HMO in the country, MediCard Philippines and National Fitness Coach and Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition trainer coach Jim Saret, is designed for people who want to reach their health goals-whether to lose weight or to be more active. "We know a lot of people who want to get started on a fit and healthy lifestyle. The eager list of participants joining the MediCard Metafit Fitness Camp is evidence enough of how serious people are committed to starting a healthy lifestyle, says MediCard President Nicky Montoya.

MetaFit is a four-minute exercise routine that enables one to burn up to 600 calories in just a few minutes of exercise. Doing this form of exercise promotes higher metabolism and energy, stronger bones and lower blood sugar. It consists of fast, short and intense bursts of anaerobic exercises.

The program is designed to cater to all types of individuals and fitness backgrounds. It aims to acquaint participants with basic work-outs; and depending on their capacity and determination, they will progress to more advanced routines until they graduate. Coach Jim guarantees that at the end of the course, many would be surprised by their own bodies capabilities.

Joining the Metafit team are Raffy Tan and Hazel Chua of Pinoy Biggest Loser, Coach Ken, Coach Irene and Coach Grace. They will work as motivators and facilitators of the boot camp under the supervision of Coach Jim.

MediCard - Meta Fit is brought to you by the following sponsors: C-Lium Fibre Easy Pha-Max Wheatgrass Gardenia Generika Magnolia Purewater

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